Saturday, June 27, 2009

Words For Jacko

I shed tears for the R.I.P legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson
at time i realized i love him, that's the time I knew he is already gone forever
i feel lost just like his other fans in the entire world
his journey of live really touches me to the core
from the poor family he grew up, together with his 4 older brothers, grouped a band Jackson 5
he kept doing what he like, singing, dancing, then he became a solo singer liberated from his brothers
until he, as we've known for years, got more successful, won Grammy Awards many of them, and became a King of Pop, an icon! he was the first one who present the music video at MTV, without him there wouldn't be so-called music video like now
he has huge outnumbered fans world wide, he is getting richer and richer
but every good things doesn't come alone, right?
there always bad things go along with them
like a bird out from its nest, Jacko spend a lot of money to buy everything that he can afford
maybe million or even billion dollar spent in a day
until one day problems come to him
he diagnosed with skin disorder, Vitiligo and some others ill
he was accused with child sexual abuse
his marriages with LMP, said just for publicity stunt
and finally he got feuds and bankrupt
he needed to sell his Neverland and copy wright of his albums
he started to consume pain killers, be a junkie, and alcoholic

it's just a little story that i can tell about him

besides his controversial life
some his Holywood friends say that actually he's fragile, alone, and still like a child
maybe that's why he built Neverland with Peterpan, a cartoon character that never want to get old, as a mascot
it's like the accusation not enough for him, plus the diseases that he suffered, he get stressed out and depressed. he started using pain killers
seeing the news about him and his life
makes me even get sadder
i'm wondering "what has he been done? what are his sin, actually? until he needed to carry such a big burden on his shoulders?"
i think, he doesn't deserves all of that
yea, maybe he altered his face with some plastic surgeries
he's still act like a child, wasting money until at some point he bankrupt
but that's what he is... Michael Jackson! it's not even his fault
he's a good father and he even did a lot of charities, though
he deserves a good life like any of us
he might be very confidence on stage but deep inside he is alone and fragile
for such a normal guy, it's impossible to live a life like that everyday

well unlucky me, i haven't seen him directly in live concert
i guess it would never be happened
but i'm happy he is in a better place right now
God did a right action (He never get any wrong, actually) by "called" him early
i know me and other fans of him world wide like to shout this:
Why won't you wake up
I keep asking why
Now you're gone
Somewhere you're not coming back
The day you passed away
Was the day we found it won't be the same
We miss you
Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne (with some changes)

i don't know why everytime i hear one of his songs, You Are Not Alone i get sad and then my tears drop. That song are really special to me! it has a deep meaning...
and yea, Jacko you'll be missed
you're slipped away
but i'm sure your songs will be live in forever
your beautiful voice will be remembered always
his story can be a good lesson for us if we, ourselves can see the good points from that thing
wanna read Lisa Marie Presley's blog about his ex-husband? right from her Mypace click this
you can see how desperately was she to bring him back

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