Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Been Like Almost A Week

I guess my sadness of MJ's death started to heal. The news help me get through with these, thanks to the media!
I think i'm gonna believe what i know now.
Seeing n letting him stay alive was just too painful with all of the burdens that he had to carry on his shoulders.
He has done the best for his fans worldwide for like years.
Maybe 25 June 2009, was the right time for him to leave this cruel world.
God has done His job at the right time and place, God would never ever be wrong and thank God for that!
And i 'm sure he from above doesn't want to see all of his fans keep crying n mourning for his death, he wants us to let him go peacefully, be happy after all, and just keep the faith that he's in a better place right now.
I know it's hard but it happened and i have to move on at least that's what i keep saying to myself. Of course, you guys can do that either!
Until one day, i would stand up and be tough for him again, i know it will happen as soon as possible
There would be many more upcoming news, bad or good related to his death
All we have to do is just believe to what our heart says besides the really reliable sources
He might can't be seen again but his amazing voice, his songs, and his nice personality will stay in everyone's heart and mind forever
He might have gone but it doesn't mean he is forgotten
Whether you agree with me or not i hope i don't offense anyone with my words. well, it's just my opinion though...
Let's smile again for him, so he can see from above we always happy for what he had done in his life
Last, i hope, everybody hopes the truth behind this tragedy will be revealed soon
My prayer goes to his family, especially his 3 little children.

Love you always, Jacko

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