Friday, July 3, 2009

Royal BFF

the DVD cover, i supposed get the necklace but since i bought not the original movie i didn't get one, it's kinda cute anyway.

i love what it says "Royalty meets Reality"

some of the casts

the real BFF sings the OST One And The Same, i love it! click here

Cause were one
And the same
We're anything but ordinary
One and the same
I think were almost legendary
You and me
The perfect team
Chasing down the dream
Were one and the same
(One And The Same part of lyrics)

so yea, i spend today afternoon watching this
it's really a cute girly girl movie! love to see them both reflects what a BFF should be
they both look gorgeous, as always...
the message behind this movie is also deep, it tells us all "Every girl is a princess"
for you girls, it's a must watch movie!
for more info about this movie, see this
there you can download a guide to live like a royal, or directly click this link
pssst... talking about princess, do you what the meaning of my name is? Sabrina means Princess (that's what they told me)
i didn't mean to show off, but i think i'm proud to have such a rare yet pretty name like i have now.
and i tell ya, i'd like to be a real princess or treated like one =)

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