Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tribute To Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
died of: Cardiac arrest
caused: remained unknown

The world is mourning because we has lost the King of Pop, a legend, an historic icon, the greatest dancer, and the moonwalker that ever lived. A lot of people moan about this lost. Besides his controversial life and his sudden death, it's said he was humble, caring, and a good father. He took very much humanity action and did a lot of charities. I do salute to him. For me, no one can't ever change him in any kind of way. I'm the one of his fans, his songs are amazing, admire them so much! Though i only have heard few of them... from Thriller, Smooth Criminal. Black or White, Heal The World, You Are Not Alone, Will You Be There, and so on. Especially his moonwalk!
they will always be my lifetime favourite
the more i remember him, the more i get sad
remembering that there would no one in this world like him ever again
Goodbye Michael Jackson, may you rest in peace
You've been through a lot in this journey of life, you survived, and you did it in a great way
You may be not seen anymore but you are truly amazing person!
You will always be remained forever in everyone's heart as a remarkable figure
You will be missed, Jacko...

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