Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

the movie poster, not official, maybe fan art i guess

one of the scenes of the movie

at Japan premiere

at Germany premiere

some coffee date? click here

share a kiss at MTV Movie Awards backstage, see this

at Japan premiere

hmm... who doesn't want to be guarded by a hunk army like him?!

so i watched this movie today, overall it was incredible though! but i guess the ending is kinda forced, it's like the ending is in a hurry. The killing scene of The Fallen by Optimus Prime is a lil bit too quick and easy, i think. Things that i love so much in this movie is they compactness to one another and the effect was amazing either! Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox is my favourite couple, they look match together! Love them both! I'm gonna put Shia Labeouf into my candy eye list andas a girl, i admit Megan Foz is totally hot! if i were a boy (seems like a song title, huh? it is!) i'd have crush on her. Not to mention, Josh Duhamel is also a hottie in this movie! you know what, hearing Shia Labeouf a.k.a Sam Witwicky calling my nickname, Bee makes me excited and happy, it couldn't get any better! although in fact he's calling Bumblebee his robot bodyguard.

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