Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday Dinner Time!

The Wijaya's

picking up my favorite, Hakau!


So, yea we had dinner for celebrating my birthday just a couple hours ago
it took place at The Duck King, Senayan City
the reason why we chose this place is because I really loveeee... its Hakau!
I've been longing for it and today I fulfilled that wish. =)
the dinner went well, but it was crowded inside.
I guess it's because few stores and restaurants were closed outside
and when we finished eating, stores outside this restaurant are completely closed, it was 8.15 pm! but it didn't apply to lowest floor, where J.Co, Sour Sally, Breadtalk are located.
Until we going home, people were still making a crowded there!
I'm so happy anyway and thanks to my family for having this special dinner with me!

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