Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Moon Scenes (few of 'em)

this just a first post from my, let say "new" blog
yea, new favicon, new domain, and new layout (much wider)
I'm happy because I'm improving in editing Html
thanks to those sites that explain about blogging tips and tricks in a very easy way
all I have to do is just copy and paste!
see? now I can upload much bigger pictures! yaay!

anyway, why I chose New Moon scenes as content in it
because... less than a month yea, less than 30 days, we can see New Moon in the cinema
I'm friggin curious and barely can't wait anymore!
plus when I know Eclipse is already a wrapped! WOW!
they're working so fast, which is a very good thing! can I have both of them in once?! LOL
so check your date on 21st November, don't go anywhere but see New Moon in cinemas near you! =)

pic source: Google

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