Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Attention!

finally I can access my lovely blog again after like 2 days the access is not available
well, as you can see above I already changed the domain into

but don't worry you still can access mine by the old domain, how nice blogspot is! it won't ever leave my reader alone. ha! which is:

soon I'll change the favicon too, just wait!

anyway, I just wanna share you this:

how is it?! isn't it so sweet?!
it was made by someone who was close to me back then, years and years ago
actually, it is hand written but I think it's just too sweet to be kept by me alone
so I rewrite it on Adobe and make it into JPG form.
it is only one of 'em, still few I have but I love this one most!

so, stay tune for upcoming posts and surprise! =)

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