Thursday, October 22, 2009

Student's Note: Whatever!!!

This is the one that made me angry the most today! it was totally nerve racking!
It's about an annoying-peeve-sucks-captious-40 something-lonely-miserable-pathetic man, who feels that he's always right.
I, actually we have been remained silence for like many semesters before
but I think, now is the right time to spill it out
He feels he always right, we are the one who wrong
He never listen to us without come with an argument, which lasts into a long, very long bull shit conversation
He says "change your way of thinking", in fact you are the one who have to do that
(there must be reasons, why you are not living a normal live like others, right?)
He always defend himself with bla bla bla argument,which I believe doesn't work in reality
His will, we have to follow it, even though it means we can't have any sleep in a day, even though it means we have to ignore other things and put it first, even though it will mess our arranged schedule
He asks what our complain is about, but he never take it with wide heart open. why did you ask then?!
He even never succumb once just to make us relax
He always tell us what to do (in sudden), we feel like robot!
He's taking control our life!

What are you trying to make?!
Are you gonna make our life become miserable like yours?
You are the loner, not us
You are the one who have to rearrange your lonely life
Don't spend way too much time anymore in front of monitor
but have a date! it's as simple as that
or maybe it's more complicated than just have a date to solve it all?
hm, you should change your mind set either! you hear me?! we need an example, a good one. don't just talking this and that but you show it!

I think, I did a right choice to take this as my major
to spend my 4 years in university, in a good way
everything in a balance, no stress, no harm, just do regular university life without a man controlling all of that
but to see you using your position now as a tool to attack us mentally and physically
it's definitely not my reason why I chose this, this is not what I wanted, this is not what I ever imagined to be in a university
don't make me regret my decision...
but every time you talk bullshit like you did today, makes me want to move to another suitable major rather than spend 1.5 years more as one of your students

I know you are as exhausted as we are
I know you are trying to be a good one
I know you are trying to make all of us success
but we need a life too! an other life besides this hectic life that you offer
for example: we have family, we need to spend a quality time with them, how on earth we can do that if we only like 6 hours left at home? (eat, sleep, do assignments are not excluded)
however we try to manage our time as good as we can, there never will be enough time to do all of that!

do we need to tell our parents to call you in person?
just so they can report you to your boss and you get fired? I'd do that if I can, really...
oh, I wish I were the richest man in the world, so I can told the university owner to abandon you! I mean it...

just so you know, there's a life out there, man!
life is not all about research, good scores, assignments, lab job, and stuffs
life is a lot more than that!
please we are not the same like you
whatever you are trying to do, probably you want to perk your life by f****ing our life
we don't want to end up like you, that's all we know
or maybe you are not capable anymore of being in your position now?
that's one of many questions that need to be asked

someone needs to stand up for this!
I know we are in such a difficult position, but it can't last any longer
I pray to God for you to change, to become a "real" man who has a "real" life

and next time when you talk bullshit again, I will say WHATEVER!!! ha!


  1. I think that word "TRUE" is describe it all.

    I can't imagine people living a life like that. Single-mingle when you are at your 40th.



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