Monday, November 23, 2009

My Pa 55th B'day

My bro, Andreas with Mamamia Italian Reastaurant paper placemat

Me and my oldest bro, Christian

My beloved parents! Happy b'day Pa!

the salad. It has ham meat mix in it, superb!

the first pizza, this one is unique because it has pork as toppings, so rare and so yummy!

the Spaghetti Bolognaise

the second pizza, just the usual pepperoni pizza but yummy as well!

Spaghetti Carbonara, the milk taste is so strong plus ham meat mix in it

Well, first of all I wanna say sorry for the pending of post about this
it happened on 5th November 2009, but I just posted it now
and second, sorry for the blurry pics blame it on my so old school camera
last, sorry I forget almost the name of the food above
it's like 3 weeks ago and my short term memory not helping it all

enough with the sorry...
now let's move on to Mamamia Italian Restaurant
it's located in Px Pavilion, across Puri Mall
all of the food that we ordered that night were delicioso!
you have to try it but yourself, really!
from the cost, it's worth it! It's a bit expensive but hey the food all are yummy!
so, nothing to loose, right?!
anyway, there was no particular reason why we chose this place to celebrate my Pa B'day
besides it's a new restaurant and we kinda curious how it tastes
and I guess, we made a right decision! =)

after all, it's worth to try!

until next post, guys!

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