Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Smitten FroYo

The Interior is kinda cute. It's upside down on purpose that tells you when you eat this yogurt, your world will turn upside down.

It's taken from the reversible angle. I really love the colors, which are dominated with soft pink, blue, and yellow. so homey!

These are yogurt that Stella (left) and I (right) ate
There were only chocolate and green tea flavor which available at that time
I chose chocolate with almond topping and Stella chose green tea with mochi topping
Well, the chocolate is a bit more taste like ice cream and the green tea has jasmine smell
The price is really reachable, cheaper than any other FroYo store

basically yesterday me, Yunita, and Stella had to wait for lab work in hours
so, we tried this new FroYo store at Benton Junction after we had lunch
Yunita was too sleepy to eat yogurt, she only tasted the tester (both of the flavor) so only me and Stella who bought them
after we finished eat the yogurt, we played UNO!!!
It was a nice afternoon because it's rarely to happen!!!

it's only in Benton Junction! I think it's their first store in Tangerang
so far they don't open it in Jakarta and their previous stores are located in Bandung
anyway, you have to try it by yourself to know the taste of Smitten!!! =)

pics are from Smitten's facebook

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