Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon

yeayyyy!!! finally yup finally I watched New Moon today... with 5 of my friends.
The story was good, well more than good, it's awesome actually
I love Jacob scenes most! I don't know which team I am know, my mind is branched and I can't decide which side I'm in

probably I'm team Jacob for right now, because seriously he is acting so damn sweet and I feel pity to him. He has been so good to Bella but she just leave him for nothing and still she choose Edward.
Come on, Jake! you can get a way better girl than Bella.... but that's not gonna happen
plus, with absolutely nice full of biceps hot body and cool short hair cut, I can't totally resist him! wish I could touch one of those 6 packs. aww!!!
just imagine to be in his arms already make me melting, he's so HOT, literally...
O Gosh... I wanna have a boyfriend like him, someone who can keep me warm inside out LOL

but still, I will be forever in team Edward because he's the winner!
and you know, Bella and Edward are meant to be for each other...

one thing that make me disappointed is the ending
the ending was too short, empty, and sudden
it's ended with Bella's mouth wide open...

although I have already read all of the Twilight Saga novel series but my emotion is still shaken by story that is filmed
you know what? I've never got to be so excited waking up in the morning before
all of because New Moon!
so, until the next Twilight Saga: Eclipse, y'all!!!
I definitely waiting for it! =)

to see some of the scenes, just click my previous post before, here

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