Friday, December 4, 2009


It's December guys! It's time for Christmas! yaayy!
time for you to get the Christmas tree out from the store room, decorate it with ornaments, make cookies, be good, hoping that Santa Claus will come to your house entering through the chimney so you can get the Christmas present as you want. =D
I have always been excited when it comes to Christmas. seems like everything is so warm and peaceful... I really love every pieces of it, like:

The Christmas trees (of course!)

The Mr. Ho Ho Ho... a.k.a Santa Claus

this one is phenomenon! he's riding his sleigh with 4 reindeer passing the moon...

hanging your big socks above the fire place and the presents. aww!!

cookies!!! say hello to the gingerbread man!

candy cane

snowman. how cute he is! =)

still, never forget the essence of it. Jesus Christ born to the world to save us, yes me and you!

the Christmas wreath hanging on the door

and don't forget to dress up your dogs! LOL

look at here! My bro just bought me these two brownies with Christmas tree on top of it!

see? what I told ya? it's Christmas-ey everywhere!
you think I'm too fast to post this one?
I don't think so!
if you were me, you know how it feels!
besides thinking of this is my only mind escape from final exams which is about to happen in a week more, sigh...

anyway, I'm so sorry for the lack of updating
it's all because a stack of assignments that due this week
but I could pass every one of it! yaayy!!!

so, stay tune for my next posting. maybe it's about my Mom's b'day! =)

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  1. can't wait for xmas! and the holiday :p
    too bad theres no snow in jkt.


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