Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Mum's 52th B'day

this is the place!

from left to right: my aunt, my mum, and my dad

oldest bro, Chris; me; older bro, Dre

food that we ordered (forgive me, I forgot every its name) >.<

candid by my bro, surely he wasn't
I love me here, what a "careless" face! LOL

view from the parking lot

yesterday we celebrated my mum's 52th b'day
at first we chose Teras Kota, BSD to have dinner together
but as we arrived we get disappointed, because it was still empty and not fully open
so, we decided to move to another place
and Bandar Jakarta, Alam Sutra is our right decision!
it was a very huge outdoor concept yet pretty!
totally different with the one in Ancol...
as you can see above are the photos taken on that night,
including the mouth watering foods that we ordered

after we had dinner we bought Vanilla Cheese Cake at The Harvest near it

well, I really love the ambiences there!
pretty crowded but enjoyable also!
plus with the waiters performance, singing Happy Birthday songs for anyone who having birthday
they really LMAO-ing! so energic and fun!
too bad my Mum was too embarrassed to be sung by them =D

anyway, Happy Birthday once again Mum!
(actually hers is on 4th December)
love you soooo... much!
you are my everything together with pa and brothers!
so sorry I couldn't give you anything but I will soon as I earn my own money! =)

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  1. where's the vanilla cake??
    i have checked 3 times and i still couldn't find any cake haha.
    Foods look good, slurpp, too bad u didn't take any pic of the singing dudes.


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