Saturday, December 12, 2009

Princess Yet Becomes Queen

let's start from here, Once upon a time...

a lil princess named Sabrina waiting alone..
though she ain't has:

luxurious jeweled crown

sleeping on a cute big comfy bed
look! this one is even floating!

wearing the most beautiful frilly layered gown on Earth

live in an enormous castle with oh-so-many towers

using pumpkin horse drawn to go anywhere

does magic by spraying sparkly dust

but she has her own fairy tale
no one says she lives a happily ever after live
though she will make it come true
like her dearest guardian says, she is a curious little princess who is becoming a wise queen
through a process called LIFE
maybe she ain't nothing now but surely she is something in the future

and of course she is waiting for her right prince charming to pick her
not with a white horse (c'mon think real!) but with the most expensive car yet comfy (still, materialistic mode on) LOL

so, anyway how is it? suddenly it came to my mind to post about this princess thingy
besides one of my bestdudes calls me like that, it's like my nickname ever since he knew the meaning of it LOL
visit his tumblr here gothicab

FYI, my name means princess, that's what and any other babynames web say
Sabrina means "goddess of Severn River" or "legendary princess" in English.
In Latin, Sabrina means "from the border".

that's why I'm treated like a princess ever since I was a kid. how nice!

look at here, who says princess can do silly things?!
they have so much fun! LMAO

p.s: sorry for the lack of updating, I've been busy with final exams. wish me luck, then! =)

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  1. Ow my, what a story, i cant stop smiling reading this you this, never know you like it so much lil princess.
    I am happy u even put some credit, u rock princess!!
    I like the once upon a time pic, n the last disney's princess pic, the alice looks like a man.


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