Thursday, December 17, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar

Jake Sully meets his Avatar for the first time

Jake, Grace, Trudy, and Norm
humans who betray their own race to defend the right ones

Jake and Neytiri learning how to be a good hunter

the view of Pandora in day light

the seeds of sacred tree falling onto Jake's body

Neytiri, the princess of Na'Vi tribe

Pandora's view in night

Pandora's forest

the war is on! one of the human army is attacking the Hammerhead Titanothere, one of Pandora's wildlife

the plane is shooting and destroying Pandora's forest

Eytucan, the Na'Vi king of Omaticaya Clan a.k.a Neytiri's father death

Just watched this movie in this evening after finished all of the final exams (this is what make it's even better! LOL)
and... the graphic is soooo beyond words! breath-taking, amazing, great, etc.
I was dropping my jaw like many times as I watching it!
probably the 3D version will make it becomes even real and much better
even though the story plot is so so, but the graphic will cover it all

the best part and totally my favorite part is the night life in Pandora's forest
everything yes literally everything becomes glow in the dark
like every single thing in there is made from fluorescence or something
even the grass glows as you step onto it, sooo cooollll!!!
the creatures in there are also so insanely weird and unique!!!
wish I could go to such place like Pandora and having a night or more in there
no need to be one of them but I really want to try to be surrounded by glowing in the dark forest and every its living things

too bad I couldn't get the complete pictures from the movie scenes
I've searched but couldn't find it anywhere
I just found what I posted above

I was impressed by their language too
it's called Na'Vi language
you know what? all of the vocab and grammar are really created from the very start as a whole language itself
impressive isn't it?! you can see it in here and here, maybe you can learn how to speak it LOL
salute to U.S.C professor, Paul Frommer who is the creator

this movie also has some humor too
I was LMAO when I see the ritual moves that they do under the sacred tree

what do I get from this movie?
I learn that we have to defend the right ones even it means to betray your own race
and try to live everything in balance, like Eywa does...

anyway, I didn't mean to be a spoiler
so yea, this is really a good movie to end my day this year with my campus friend
it is worth to watch!!!

download Avatar Music From The Motion Picture
pic source: Rotten Tomatoes

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  1. jahaha, dun say that u think of it as funny, u are into it, the ritual mass dance!!
    its funny and why they need to turn their upper body like that haha


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