Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friendship Quick Notes

I’m thankful of my friends, I really am.
They help me a lot through things, even the smallest one.
That what makes me think, I shouldn’t cry a single tear anymore as long as I have them.
I thought I was strong enough to bear it all but I was wrong.
And when I was breaking down to the lowest point I can be and finally dropped a full of disappointment tears, you all lift me with kind hearted act and words.
Seems you all the people who understand me the most, more than I do to myself.
I see you guys’ up and down too but this is how we live, in fact we still survive until now.
We are not perfect, we are the plus and minus, that’s why we need to complete each other, and stick together.
I know we can make it through the rain, just don’t hold the sadness inside but let it out, then move on.
Because together we can draw a rainbow of smile up on the sky.
In the end, we know that nothing wastes in vain. It all that matters.
No words can best describe how thankful I am now to have you guys and you guys have me. Once again, I thank God to be chosen by you guys as friend.

Dedicated to my Bio 07 friends


cool symbolic pic, isn't it?!

sooo iconic! Blair and Serena's long last friendship, they always come back to each other no matter how hard the problem or misunderstanding that they have

nicely said!

pic source: weheartit

different title and more pictures than the one you can see in my tumblr. so anybody who doesn't know my tumblr can check it here, on my blogpost. =)

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