Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

22nd December
today is just like any other day
but today is the most special day for Moms
I say Happy Mother's Day
especially for my Mom and any other Moms over the world

My Mom and Me
too bad, I don't have a more intimate one to show our love to one another

anyway, just wanna thank you for your unconditional love
even though sometimes you could be a pain in the ass, but you are always there for me
you are always be my mother
that's a fact which can't be changed, no matter what

you mean everything for me
I won't ever trade a whole world with you
cliche but it's true

you fight, stand, and struggle for me, my brothers, and my dad
please don't ever give up in us!

thank God, He has chosen you as my mother and chosen me as your daughter
I couldn't ask for more

one day, when I am a mother I will be just like you

I know you do too
your daughter, Sabee

and psssttt... thanks for giving me such the same pointed beautiful eyes exactly like yours (well, that's what people say) =)

here a touching poem, I found here:

A Day For Mom
M is for the Moments she spent in anguish...
Each time you had a fever or a chill.

O is for the Oceans of tears she sadly shed...
When your country called and you went off to war.

T is for the Time and Trouble...
She would take to make your favorite meals.

H is for the Hours she spent in dreadful worry...
Each time you stayed out late and didn't call.

E is for the Emptyness she felt so deep inside...
When you said: "I do", and left to start a life anew.

R is for the Righteous pride she has always had...
Knowing that she raised you the best way that she could.

Put them all together... they spell MOTHER.

Today, put your feelings into words and deeds; Remember, she too, has her wants and needs.
Take that hand that guided you as a girl or boy, And say those magic words that will bring her joy:
"I Love You, Mom"

This is Her Day, make it a Day to Remember.

-Frank J. Montoya-
Poet Laureate, City of Fountain, CO

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  1. Happy mother's day!!!
    Thanks 4 reminding i didnt even remember it at all haha.


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