Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Officially Christmas

To: all my friends,


It's the time about Christmas trees, Christmas presents, and Christmas celebration!

But more important, it's about loving and giving like what Jesus have been teaching us
It's all that matter...
Please never forget the real meaning of Christmas, which is simplicity
because Jesus came along to the earth as a baby human 2009 years ago in a very simple way and condition and I believe He still stay in our heart like for ever

Jesus never promise of easiness but He promises He never take a day OFF to LOVE, to GUIDE, to CARE, and most of all to BLESS us

Let us be light in the dark, though it means sacrificing ourselves, like a candle
that is what I've been praying for every single day in my life.

Be a bless, be blessed, and be jolly guys! =D

anyway, just wanna share you some cute pics:

this Santa knows how to have fun!

this snowman either! LOL

so, once again I say to you all:

o yea, before I forget. where's my Christmas present from all of you?!
definitely not this, it's just a pic anyway!
I am waiting.... LOL

Throw your stress far far away because it's the time to have FUN!

to complete your fun in holiday maybe you can take a look at this one,
it's called ElfYourself, thanks to Stella for making such a LMAO-ing video, just click the link guys:

Sabee's version and Stella's version

Maybe you can make your own version too, it's simple and so funny!
It's totally okay to make yourself silly sometimes (just tell me the link if yours finish)

I'm sure you won't forget this through the year LOL


I'll share my photos on Christmas Eve on the next post, so stay tune for it!

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