Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve at Central Park

Me under the huge Christmas Tree ever

in front of glowing yellow snow flake

mum and dad under the tiny Christmas Tree

brothers and sister hood

inside the amazing mall

nice message from Mr. and Mrs. Grass written on the grass field there

Like I've told you all on my previous post, I will post about my Christmas Eve last two days
after church, me and my family spend it at Central Park, the newest and longest mall besides Taman Anggrek mall.

I was like dropping my jaw as I stepped in to the entrance
It was huge, very long, and very luxurious
too bad nothing opened yet

so as me and my family stick to the first purpose, which is to see its Christmas tree
(you can see it from the freeway), well yea it is that tall!
we directly go to its opened area, and wallaaaa... feels like we were in foreign country
it has a fountain with its mini waterfall, big Christmas presents, and of course Christmas trees
everything was bright and glowing!!!
not to mention, it was kinda full of people chatting, dating, and taking pictures

you can see some of the pics that we took, above

anyway, I have to come back to this amazing mall again when stores there open
you should give it a try too! I'm sure you won't be sorry...

well, I still wanna go to the real Central Park, NYC though

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  1. OW too bad you only take one picture for the mall.
    Wanna know wat it is like inside the central park.
    Guess i've to checked it myself haha


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