Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good News

Good News #1:
After like months or so I've been M.I.A from tumblr, I miss it soo damn much
but there's no need anymore because today I finally decided to come back to it! Yaayyy!
I spend many hours today for browsing, upload, and reblog in tumblr
It's like finding back my own bliss
You know, when I see cute great amazing pictures and quotes (like most on my tumblr now), there indescribable good feeling appears in me
Hard to tell you guys exactly, but that's what I do feel when I'm tumblring
Maybe I already put my heart into it =)
From tumblr also I can tell what my favorite style for fashion (especially about jewelry), it's classy, vintage yet elegant and artsy (which you can see on my tumblr post about rings)
Not to mention, tumblr is a pretty good distraction thing for me
So, what are you waiting for again? visit my tumblr NOW, enjoy, and follow it if you have one
Here it goes, my proudly present tumblr called Thousand Words

What I don't like from tumblring is, it really is time consuming but hey I guess that's the privilege of tumblring blogger, rite? LOL

Good News #2:
I just bought Marie Claire sandal yesterday
I wanna make you guys go curious here, that's why I don't wanna post its pic =p
Just wait and see!

Good News #3:
Currently I'm listening to Overboard - Justin Bieber ft. Jessica Jarrell
Which I tweet about it all over again! Hope you don't get bored with it!
It's like I don't want the song to end, when it ends so I play it all over again until 5 times yesterday, just this song alone

Good News #4:
I already watched the 3 of my current following TV series
Gossip Girl, 90120, and The Vampire Diaries
I can say that I can't wait for the next upcoming episodes!!!
I just want them more and more!!

Good News #5:
Just to sum up these all good news, I've to end this post here
I kinda know what I'm gonna write on my upcoming post
So see ya until then! =)

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