Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear John

It's Saturday again! (hell! how fast time flies around, you know)
Well, Saturday noon is my time to relax and an escape from this hectic world when I spend it usually for watching DVD
Today's picked DVD is Dear John
Yup! The one which played at Blitz on February 2010
I never got a chance to watch it in cinema tho...
And I just bought it yesterday, yayyy!!!

You know what, I LOVE it!!!
Not much but those sweet and romantic scenes make me wondering enough to have a boyfriend
I like the view, beach! I always love it!
I like how the story got twisted and it's kinda unpredictable actually...
I realize Channing Tatum is so much to play as an armyand I like him in that army suit, really fits him! And near the end, when he had beard on his chin that's the time I love him more!
Most of all, I was like AWWW-ing! when he smiled...
Amanda Seyfried is more beautiful in this movie rather than when she was on Mammamia
Plus she sang a song her yea by her own voice, quite good tho
But too bad, the ending is just hanging there like unfinished
Some questions still up in my mind, like is it happy ending or bad one? how about Tim? and so on
Over all, it's worth to watch!!!
It's 7.5 out of 10

Enough said here
Gonna share some pics below:

movie poster

some scenes inside

see what I'm talking about? He's a HOTTIE with of course nice abs and arms!

this movie is based on novel by Nicholas Sparks
I've been longing to have his master pieces!!!

lesson of the day: I don't know what future holds me, but definitely I don't want to have an army as my partner for life, but if he's like Channing Tatum or any other HOT Hollywood actors, I'll reconsider my talk (wishful thinking) :p

I'll see you soon, then =)

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