Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'd Love To Steal...

Have you ever like someone's sooo much until you wish you had whatever that stuff too?
Until it's like you wanna steal it and keep it to your own?
Well, I do
Worse case, I never can have it because it's made for MEN only
It's not funny if I wore something manly you know

I'm gonna focus it in between my family only because it'd be too wide if I described it all that stuffs

Here, I wanna spill it one by one:

My 2nd bro's pink and black checkered shirt, actually it's not the real one but it's pretty much the same. The difference is only at its sleeve, his is long sleeve one. Better, he bought it at one Distro cost IDR 30 thousand only.
What I love about it is his shirt has soo much closeness with the one in NEXT (you know, I picked this pic there) only his is much cheaper, like 10 times maybe...
I guess it's his best buy so far

My 1st bro's perfume named Whisky Silver (as you can see above)
There's a story behind this perfume
Long ago I got a junior at my high school who wore this, we were like pretty close (c'mon don't think any WEIRD!) back then
It was the first time when I fell in love with its smell
So when I saw one on the perfume store stall, I directly told my bro to buy it because it's for Men, and at that time he was confused what perfume to buy
Nothing related with my junior or stuff but it was truly because I like its smell sooo damn much!
I save the best for the last!
Yup, you see it right! It's RayBan aviator (who doesn't like it?!)!
You wanna know who own it? Prepare your heart!
He's my the one and only Dad!
He first showed me when we were packing to go to Marbella to spend our new year there, along with its certificate that shows its originality
I was like "What?! How on earth you could have such the most amazing eyeglasses brand in the whole world and not telling me for all of this time?!"
He said "I bought it a very long time ago"
Isn't it very cool or what?!
You know what, my Dad isn't the one who wears brands that's why I was so surprised
Because he's a very neat one now I don't know where he store it >.< Actually, I don't know if it's for Men only but maybe I'd love to wear it if I get a chance to, of course based on his permit also

Now, back on my first question above "Have you ever wanna steal someone's that you like very much and keep it on your own?" I already scribbled mine, now it's your turn I'd love to hear from you guys, just spill it like I did =)

p.s: please forgive me, I didn't take the real pic of these stuffs, I just didn't get a chance to until I couldn't hold my excitement to post about this one asap so just read and enjoy tho!

See ya guys in the next upcoming posts! =)

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