Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still, From Tumblr

Another good news for you and me!
I've made another tumblr just only for quotes
Called oh!quotes
Because you know, I'm like stunned and so touched every time I see great quotes
plus thinking"how can they say such beautifully and meaningful arranged words like that?" O.o
I guess it make sense why I made this new one
I've already posted 26 quotes in a day, not bad huh?!
So, here it goes my all about quotes tumblr look like:

JSYK, it's not the post that I promised you to write as in I told you on my previous one
I made this tumblr in all of sudden, it's like just POP in my mind
Like I said above, I just love quotes

Well, another responsibility another bustle
I can say I manage 3 blogs from now on by myself... it's my pleasure tho! LOL
Hopefully I can balance every one of it

Don't forget to take a visit, drop some comments, and follow me! =)

Anyaway, lately ideas are playing around in my mind makes me so excited about what next to post
So yea, see you guys in the next and next and next posts! =D

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