Saturday, May 15, 2010

Speaking of It

Hi ya guys, how are ya doing? How's life? I bet you're all doing good just like me (at least that's what I'm hoping for)

Well, last Friday was the last day of my final exams means my last day of 6th semester too
Kinda sad because you know, I'm gonna miss times that I spend in the morning to walk like hundreds meter to attend Entre class that obviously located in far away building,
times when me and my class mates make an event due to final project of one of our subjects, from the preparation until it is done beautifully
what makes me proud is people complimented it (gonna post about it as soon as I get the full documentation),
and mostly other times that I can't mention one by one here, or you want it to be an endless post
For that, I can't thank my lunatic-lovable friends enough! =)

But it also means a new chapter of my life is gonna start
I can say I'm at my 7th semester now
I need to browsing and do my research whenever I get time to do and not to mention my internship! It's gonna be a month and I've been nervous about it, though I still don't know where I'm gonna work for (wherever it is, it has to be FUN!) =p

After all the most awesome n sad part is here,
I'm having my holiday! 3 months full
But aside I can spend it my way, I have to spend it my academic boss' ways sigh...
means I'm gonna be busy like a bee this holiday
of what I've told you above (research and internship) HELP! >.<

Well, it doesn't mean I can't totally have a little fun
I already planned a should be great get away with my friends
surely I can't wait!
I promise I post about it as soon as I come back
*wink wink

Besides I can go back operating my 2 acc of Tumblr
Been missing about it much!
I come back my Tumblr... =D

And just to end this post nicely, guess what?! I spend today with DVD marathon of TV series that I follow, as usual because I'm way too curious to wait for the next day to watch it
Yea call me DVD GEEK or something
But hey it's one of my remedy LOL I watched Glee, TVD, GG, and 90210
I like TVD most!
They're getting greater every each episode, makes my heart feels like being in a roller coaster from enjoying the intrigue that lies

Okay, enough said here
Unless I can't stop myself from blabbering anymore
See ya on my next post! =)

O yea guys! Please wish me luck for my final exams score
You know, it's more stressful and intense in waiting for it >.<

p.s.: Sorry for so late updating, I know I've been MIA for awhile but it's because of my stressful final exams =(, now I'm free (not as free as a bird can be) but enough to be active again! =)

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