Monday, May 24, 2010

Thousand Island Escape

As I mentioned on my previous post below, I planned a get away along with my campus mates
Let's make it brief before you guys enjoy the photos
We actually went to to Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) for 4 days 3 nights last week,
It's on 18 May - 21 May 2010
Including Pramuka Island, Semak Daun Island, Air Island, and Putri Island
There were like 15 of us, 6 departed from Marina, Ancol but 9 others departed from Muara Angke because we didn't get enough tickets for us all (lack of experience I guess)

And here I want to share some photos of our trip (can't upload all of em because you know it's time consuming, well it is already)
So, fasten your seat belt and here we go! Make sure you enjoy them as I enjoy mine =)

Our meeting point, Marina Ancol

Queuing boat tickets, it was nerve racking because at that time they only opened 1 locket in fact there were 3 lines of queue, full of people (really)

Seconds before departure, I was like confused and panicked because the ticket mess up, wew!

Pramuka Island front view (I took it from the pier)

Villa Delima, place that we stayed (front view)

2nd Day, Preparing my life vest before go snorkeling

On our way to Semak Daun Island


Stretching before start practising snorkeling, guided by Mas Saini
He was friendly and nice, thanks to him!

Wiiii... here I am! Already jumped off the water
This was my first time snorkeling but Thank God, it was smooth and I like it much! =)

Air Island, breath-taking isn't it? Stopping by here, to eat our lunch

Look what we found! It's blue starfish, it crooked its hand when we picked it out of the water
Don't know why...

Taking a walk at Air Island

Posing at Nusa Resto pier
All of us were treated lunch by Saputra's uncle
He was super nice and the food also great! But we were like jaw dropping, it's normal for people who have to finish a lot of food in front of them when they have already eat their lunch like an hour ago

3rd Day, On our way to Putri Island
Believe me, it was like an endless journey but it was worth it though =)

Posing at Putri Island pier
Just like Yunita said, I like 3 of us in here too, we showed our nice smile! =)

All of us at sea world, Putri Island
Much shorter than the one in Jakarta

Swimming at Putri Island swimming pool
In purpose to avoid those big and hungry mosquito LOL
Believe me, they were like a lot of em in there so be careful if you wanna go there better bring a mosquito repellant

My friends canoeing, I didn't try this one tho, too scared

But I tried this one, for me it much saver than canoe >.<
Too bad there's none photos of me riding it

Posing at Putri Island pier along with its logo

This one that I deplored, we went to sea turtle captive but it was locked up and the key master wasn't there so we couldn't get in =(
We only could enjoy those tiny cute baby sea turtle from outside

Posing before get into our boat

Yes! We're heading back to Jakarta

Historical ticket, the main problem why we were all messed up

Unique thing that I found there is every seller sells their goods in carriage, like every one does
Including porridge, delivering food, ands you can see above, this woman is selling Cimol

Last but not least, I really like this photo
You know at Pramuka Island there were a lot of (I mean it) cats
Above just one of em who got along with my friends and Eric snapped it at the right time
It looks like a Mafia with its challenging face! LOL

Well, from my experience having holiday at Thousand Island and if you asked me if I wanna go back there again or not, I'd like to answer I do but not in this short time
I need time to get back my old skin (now I'm more black than I was) =(

Some tips from me for whoever wanna go there or plan to:
The weather was so extremely hot (hey, if it's not hot it won't be called an island, rite?) so prepare your sun block and a lot mosquito at night so also prepare you mosquito repellant
And the electricity and water turned on at 4 pm-7 am, so use your time wisely there

Just to end this very long post already
I just wanna say although I got bruise, scar, small bumps, and become black skin...
I do ENJOY my trip on this holiday along with my campus mates! =D

So, where our holiday trip will be next mates??? LOL
Waiting for it!!! *wink2

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