Sunday, June 20, 2010

Afternoon at Grand Indonesia

Drool-able tiny mochi ice cream with many variation of taste
IMO, it was way too pricey IDR 12 thousand/piece
I tried 3 of them: Lychee, Peach Mango, and Cappucino (Treat from my bro, thanks!)
The clerk said the favorite flavor of mochi are Taro, Red Bean, Peach Mango, and Black Sesame

Wine ice cream
I didn't try it tho, because for me it was too pricey IDR 25 thousand/scoop
Although I'm curious about it

So yea, I spend this afternoon with my family talking walk around Grand Indonesia (GI), in purpose there's something cheap enough to buy due to Jakarta Great Sale LOL
But, I've another purpose which was: see Indonesian young designer stores at Level One area and I did it!!! They were so designed and beautiful, every stores express its characteristic
Me and my mum just window shopping around because you know, those things are so pricey, we can't afford it (well, for me still Mangga Dua is the best! I got many yesterday there =D)

And then, I saw Yoshinoya the new Japanese restaurant
It's pretty much a like Hoka-hoka Bento
It was kinda cheap and of course look delicious
No wonder a lot of people queue to try it
Next time, I promise myself to eat there (anyone wanna join?)

Last, I tried Mochilla as you can see my explanation above
Maybe, it was the first and the last time
I know it was too pricey and tiny but over all I suggest you to try it, better than dying of curiosity rite? =P
Oh, anyway they have a cute logo which is a good thing

Well, I realize that I'm in fire of updating my blog
I mean like every day, do you realize it too?
Is it a good thing rite? Hahaha

Until my next and upcoming posts guys! =)

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