Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poladroid Personal Taste

Wonder why I titled this post with those words? I've 2 reasons for that
Let's start:

1. Lately, I've been addicted to Poladroid (I know it from my friend, Michelle which her blog is one from many that I adore, thanks to her!)
Poladroid gives you an application of Polaroid effect to your photos
It's so simple you just download it from the website and install it to your PC or Mac
Over all, you should give it a try and play it with your photos!
Well, It's really a cheaper way to have a Polaroid photo rather than buy the Polaroid camera instead =P

So, I dug some of my old (not very old actually) photos, drag them, and wait
Waaallaaa... here they are!!! Quite satisfying aren't they? =)

At church, before attending an event which I forgot what it is
Wew, I look chubby here >.<

At Grand Indonesia when my bro having his 26th birthday, last year

Pulau Air at Pulau Seribu

At one of my relatives wedding reception (Balai Kartini)

2. I've been watching Korean drama series called Personal Taste few back days
And I'm in love with the lead woman character there named Park Gae In's style
Well, obviously the wardrobe crew has done a great job
But I wonder if Son Ye Jin also has a great style in daily life

Like pic above, I like her over all look but I really like her ankle boots
It's so damn stylish!!!
Too bad I only found one image on internet that shows her stylishness

Anyway, I'm gonna cut end my post here
Hope you enjoy this one guys!
See ya all soon! =)

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