Sunday, June 6, 2010


I've just recently watched a GREAT movie, it's called:

The movie poster, it's different from my DVD cover tho, this one is more artistic

scenes from the movie

So , I'm encouraged to watch this movie because of those 5 stars rating written on its DVD cover
I was like WHOA! I should watch this one a.s.a.p
And yea, my thought doesn't wrong, this movie is AMAZING!
It's about two sides of a family, good and bad, totally an opposite to one another
It's unpredictable, which you can't estimate where or what the story goes

What I love the most from this movie is Tobey Maguire's acting
It really is shaken your emotion! Makes you totally curious, sad, angry, and scary all at once
That's why he got Golden Globe nomination for his role in it
What a good job!!!

Honestly, this movie is kinda boring but over all is worth watching! =)

O yea, forgive me for my lack of updating
I've been busy doing my research, please pray for me guys

See ya in my next posts!

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