Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Mine! =P

It's not justified with the words but hey look! Somebody was being sooo nice to me!
That person has changed Google into my name plus my title as in sweet in front of it
Can't believe I have a such extremely admirer!

You think I'm bragging?
Try this Sabee's Google and happy guessing how it works! =P

Well, because I'm not good in lying I'm gonna tell you this little secret
Actually, I got it from my bro. When he showed me Google has changed into his narcissism name I asked him how to make it and he give me this link (same link when you click Sabee's Google above)

If you're smart enough you'll know how to change it as you like, it's so simple
But if you don't, never think way too much of it
It's just for fun tho =)

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