Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Do You Think???

Yes, you see it right! She is the one and only daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
She is the 9 year old Willow Smith

She's wearing exactly what you see to the premiere of her brother new movie "Karate Kid"

At first when I saw these pics, I was like
"Wow! If it's based on her will, then she's so stylish and edgy"
or instead she's just another fashion victim of her parents (maybe?)
And then I was like
"Isn't that a way too mature style for a 9 year old kid?"
I mean look at her hair, her animal print blazer and pants, her chunky gold accessories, also her boots isn't that kinda extreme???

In the end
I don't know what to say
Maybe era has been changing so does the way a kid does fashion
Maybe I'm the one who is too conservative and she's the one who can be a fashion icon for kids on the years ahead

Well, whatever it is
It is real and hard to believe (yeah I know)

But what do you think guys???
Is it hot or not? Yay or nay?
Let me know what you guys think, by dropping comments

Oh and by the way, do you like my blog new appearance? There's a new feature from blogspot who let you design your blog even more stylish and cooler
So I try it (change, erase, drag, and so on) and walaaaa... this is the new appearance of my blog! (after took a long time for me to decide which looks best for my blog and express myself also)

Ow my, it's already pass midnight here
Time for me to go sleep
So, I catch you guys on my upcoming posts!!! =)

source: Trendmill

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