Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Eye Candy from Soccer World

He's an Argentine
He's still young, 23 years old
He plays for Real Madrid club as a striker
He's just did hat trick on Argentina vs South Korea match tonight
First hat trick on World Cup 2010
A prove that shows he is talented

Not only that but as you can see above
He's totally hot, cute, and I can see his 6 packs abs below his jersey =d

He's the one and only Gonzalo Higuain

At first, I never know who he is you know he's not a preeminent soccer player like Beckham, Messi, or Ronaldo
But now I know him (oh, Thank God!!!) and I'm kinda sure he can be an icon or spoke person, or an endorse of somewhat brand like Beckham and any others do
His hotness is totally worth it =D

Are you with me guys?

One thing that I know, girls at twitter been buzzing around about his handsomeness
They (including me) are captivated, I guess
So, once again congratz Higuain! Your price must be higher or doubled, I'm sure!

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