Thursday, August 12, 2010

JB and KK for Elle

Yup! Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian teamed up for Elle magazine photoshoot
With graduate theme which took place at Bahamas island
I really like these photos
Asking why?
Because the cuteness of Bieber could mix well with the sexiness of Kardashian
They look closed to each other here, remember back then they both had been gossiped about dating?! I can say maybe they had chemistry on that day
But well, as you can see there's nothing going on between them two, they're just friends

Really envy with the HOTNESS and the SHAPE of Kim's body
It's like beautifully carved from the day she was born! Haha...
Also the scene was great!!! Wondering when I can go there, someday... *wish2

*Enough said I guess*

Now, what do you think about the photo shoot guys???

See ya on the next posts! =)

Pic source: JustJared

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