Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nanny's Pavillon and Halloween (Boo!)

The name written on the menu

Some of the food that me and my family ordered:
Don't be drooling! Get set! Go!

Me: Smoked Beef Spaghetty

Andreas: Smoked Brisket Spaghetty from My Uncle

Christian: Beef Baked Rice

My Mom: Chicken Baked Rice

My auntie: Mushroom Baked Rice

For my dad, he ordered Kim's Tuna with Rice I just forgot to take a pic of it because he was starving and ate it soon it arrived haha

And here's the dessert:
Hold your slobber (still!)

Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake

My Grandma Chicken Pesto Waffle

The interior (sorry due to my high level of narcissism)

The shower and tile floor on the wall really resembles a bathroom

The dressing table which some of my friends mistakenly thought that it is in my bedroom

The hanging drawer and the mini blue-stripped towel

The sink complete with the mirror, the napkin, and the liquid soap
I wonder if it's actually working or not

They're some kind of celebrating Halloween so I got a mini black spider cookie as a free gift

I also took a photo with the Jack O' Lantern head scare crow, too bad it didn't give me thrill
Not to mention, the flowery pink lamp cap is also so cute!

Cafe Sweets by Jacqueline Bastiaan which located near Nanny's Pavillon
I directly snap a pic soon as I looked at the name, it is so ME! :P
FYI, just like its name it sells sweets!

On Sunday 31st October 2010 (yea on Halloween) afternoon me and my family went to Pacific Place to have very late lunch
At first, my bro wanted to treat us all at Spaghetty House but it's already closed there so we changed plan to have lunch at Nanny's Pavillon soon when we passing by the restaurant
The interior is oh-so-eye catching! It's bathroom themed (as you can see on pics above)
Too bad it doesn't have a bath tube, I'm sure it'll become more interesting if they have one!

So, you know what happened to me when I see cute things right?
Yup, my narcissism radar is mode on suddenly! Hahaha...

Moving on to the food, well what can I say, it's just so so
But if I have to choose, my favorite will be Kim's Tuna with Rice that my dad ordered and I kinda love the dessert too!
The price is also kinda expensive but still reachable!
After all it's worth to try guys!

Not in Pacific Place only but Nanny's Pavillon do have branches in some locations in Jakarta and Bandung with different themes of interior
How interesting it is, right?! Just visit Nanny's Pavillon twitter for more info

And at night, I watched Mystery 360: Ghosts Behind Bars in National Geographic Channel
It's a show that discuss about ghost apparition in a Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pensylvania
It's more likely to be the scariest prison on Earth because of its sad history

On that show, those expert scientists in different knowledge are gathered with high-tech equipment (which made my jaw dropping) trying to proof ghost apparition scientifically
And all of the reasons found was really make sense and logic! But in the end there are some things that they (still) can't explain about the thing why ghosts is like this and that

For a coward person who scares of ghost, I really recommend to watch the show, at least they'll believe more that ghost isn't exist!

I know it's kinda late but I guess that's my way to celebrate Halloween!
Of course without weird, funny, silly costumes and trick or treating but still it is about ghost

Well, enough said for today
Until next posts folks! =)

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