Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The movie poster
From left to right: Flynn Ryder, Pascal, Rapunzel and Maximus

The tower where Rapunzel is being kidnapped for 18 years by Mother Gothel
I guess it's not too bad tho, I'm sure the view from the top looks good

This is where the chemistry between them two begins aww! >.<

Meet Pascal! It's a chameleon, best friend of Rapunzel
Which is my favorite character in this movie, sooo cute! I'm dreaming to have a cute chameleon like this as my pet too :P

Taa daaa this is my favorite moment of the movie
The lantern festival!!! Well, you know I'm an avid lover of candle, lantern or anything that lights so it was very soothing for me to see this scene
Amazing! =D

Even though, the lantern looks like marshmallow but they still look great tho! It was jaw dropping me to see how many of them floating in the sky
I'm wondering if I can go somewhere that has lantern festival, it must be awesome!

Today afternoon, me and my friends watched Tangled in 3D, Disney's Rapunzel modern version
I've been longing to watch this ever since I see the trailer
And guess what?! I'm right! This movie is pretty good, funny, and adorable!
Even though, the story is superficial because you know it is designed for kids not a 21 y.o. young woman like me hahaha

As you can see at pics above, I already spoiled some of the scenes and told you my favorite of everything in the movie
And psssttt... this is my first time watching movie in 3D format
Yeah yeah, I know how out dated I am :P

Well, over all it is worth watching tho!
Sorry to be a spoiler for those who haven't watched it yet, didn't meant to

Anyway, I'm so sorry I've been lack of updating like a month or so
It's due to a bunch of assignments, reports, and presentations that I've to do
I'll keep you guys updated as best as I can!

See you in my next posts! =)

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