Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gathering

The gift in wrapped in newspaper. Aren't looking like gifts, are they?

The lottery numbers

Picking hands, guess which one is mine?

Us with the gifts we got

Here are food that us ordered, sorry I didn't take notes of the name:




Stella and Juan ordered the same food



Saputra's, he ordered green tea cake from Delika too
Well, Secret Recipe has one better


The girls in front of the tallest Christmas tree in Indonesia, which is 38 m tall

The girls inside the Christmas tree. Too bad no Santa here... He stayed here only on weekend

8 of us on the photo shoot best spot!

As you can see on pics above, yesterday me and my friends had Christmas gathering at Central Park
So, here's the schedule: We had Christmas dinner (well, it's more like Italian dinner actually) at Hongkong Cafe, we did gift exchange and then took a lot of photos at the Central Park garden

First of all, we ordered food before we exchanged gift
And then, we put all of the gifts on the center of the table and they're numbered
We also wrote down lottery numbers to be picked
One by one we picked the number
And walaaaa... we got our gift!!! My first Christmas gift in this year hahaha
I got a cute snowman doll (you can see it on pics above)
You can see on my Facebook to see the all of the gifts that each of us got
Moving to the food we ordered, IMO they were just so so and quite pricey but the atmosphere was cool!

After a long chit chat at the restaurant, we moved to the garden with the tallest Christmas tree
Just like usual, we took photos and photos!
It was windy and drizzle but it didn't stop us from taking pics! Hahaha

Well, every meeting has to end up right?
So, we end up our night with taking pics on the best photo shoot there

What can I say?
I had a fun, really fun night with you guys
Hope it can be repeated somehow! =D
Of course with a lot more attendance!

By the way, Christmas is getting nearer folks!
I'm having my stay at home holiday here... poor me but believe me I'm enjoying it tho!

I guess I see you in my upcoming posts!!!

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