Sunday, December 19, 2010

Highlight Of The Week

Hmmm... Where do I have to start?
Because there are some highlight of this week that of course make me happy =)
Let's start from the earliest that happened, I guess

As I've tweeted about, I had my final test of 7th semester this week, which is like my last final test of my university life and thank God everything went well. Even though I don't know the result is but I'm really really hoping for the best

And when I'm passing through the bookstore at my university last Friday, I met my thesis adviser and she said that I could continue my internship topic and make it to my thesis topic
I was like seriously?! yaaayyyy!!! I don't need to waste my time to start a new topic, that's the important thing. More over, she still wanna be my thesis adviser because she still master the topic. Awesome isn't it?! =D That's the second good news

The third one is, I finish my internship report and it is in hard cover too!
My months and months hard work is paid off!
Thinking that it's gonna be a standard for my juniors, it makes me proud! =)

Then, the fourth one is you know my older bro was out of town to have holiday with his friends. He spent a whole week in Bali! So jealous of him especially when he say that he went diving (really made me jaw dropping!). And he brings some souvenirs for me and my family when he got home! You know what, I got a pinky kinda sexy flowery summer dress! Sorry no picture (just because I want to make you all curious hahaha)

Last but not least good news is, I've watched Charlie St. Cloud on DVD yesterday
Yup, the one who's starring the yummy Zac Efron and the pretty Amanda Crew
I looooveeee this movie not just because the story is unpredictable and different but also because it's meaningful, I got many good lessons!
In short, this movie is about second chances from God that given to a man named Charlie St. Cloud. Why him? That's the Q he has to answer. Because you know, God just doesn't show up meaninglessly... He always has reasons
Over all, this movie is must watch! I'm sure you'll get good lesson/s just like I do!
Not to mention, the view is also ah-ma-zing!!!

I mean this view:
(Are you drooling right away? :9)

At last, this post end here
I know this is a long post, it's been a long time I haven't posting this long

Anyway, Christmas holiday is coming! Can't wait for Christmas!
Do you guys have any plan? Or not yet just like me? Haha
Tell me either one... I really wanna know!

Well, see you guys in my upcoming posts!
I'm gonna share you about my Christmas this year
Just wait and see!

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