Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spending Holiday in My Way

As you guys know, I've been having my holiday for like 3 weeks since 18 December until 10 January and now it's my 2nd week of holiday already
Ever since I don't go anywhere, domestically or even foreign so I decided to spend this holiday in my own way

Well, I've been spending my don't know what to do days by dilligently reading my old comics, one of them is Delicious! by Yui Ayumi & Miyuki Kobayashi
For those who knows, must be agree with me that these comic serial is truly awesome to be enjoyed with the light and fun plot also not to mention the different menus that the characters made is mouth watering!
The uniqueness of the book lies on the last pages of the comic, which contains recipes of the menu that is made by the characters inside the story
So, you can learn and practice how to make it too! Isn't it great?!

Here's the comic pic:
Sorry, a bit blur...

Here are the Japanese version:

The main character named Ringo (read: Rin-Go) Nonohara
Typical manga girl with big eyes and blond hair but it always is pretty!

But, I've got bad news which is I lost the number 2 and 7 of my collection
It's been a long time when I first bought and read it (FYI, I bought it when its cost IDR 8.500,-), so maybe it is slipped somewhere
Hopefully I can find them somehow
Or anyone knows where I can download or read it in any website? Let me know, okay?!

Oh, anyway I finally watched Narnia The Voyage of The Dawn Treader yesterday with my older brother only (seems like brother-sister bonding time, eh?)
I know it's late but sometimes it's better late than never right? :P
And once again, like the second movie, I fell in love with Ben Barnes who play the character of King Caspian
Wish a lot more of him in upcoming Narnia! Or the movie is done yet? I don't know, let's see!

Well, this evening actually in half an hour more (at 17.30 WIB) Indonesia vs Malaysia is held at Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan and it will be broadcasted live in RCTI (like usual)
As an Indonesian of course I support the national team! I'm sure Garuda willl fight back!
But nobody knows what the future holds for both teams and whatever it is, I believe it will be the best eventually
Just keep thinking and acting positively, guys! Don't forget to pray and put it all in the hand of God =)

That's it I guess for this time
I'm coming with the new one a.s.a.p
By the way, Happy (almost) New year! Hehehe...
See you folks!

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