Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Romantics (2010)

Pfiuhhh... It's been over a month since I last updated my blog
Until I found this as my new inspiration
So, I'm about to tell you about movie I watched recently
But before that, let me take you enjoy these pics first
Just scroll your mouse goes down

The movie poster, I got the other version than the original

I guess it's one of the behind the scenes, a moment before holy matrimony is held

The maid and male of honor

Some of the main casts

The movie is based on this novel with the same title, oh how I'd love to have one!

Maybe I'll set this pic as my computer background soon

Well, few days ago I watched this movie called The Romantics
As you can see on those pics above already revealed the poster, casts, novel and beautiful scene!

When I first see the trailer on, I directly couldn't wait to watch it
There's something about it that attracts me, that makes me interested
At that time I didn't know who are the complete casts besides of course the main characters Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin
I can say I really really don't know whether is the synopsis or the scene that drawn me into

And guess what?! Walaaaa... my feeling is right! I often has this kinda feeling when I see the trailer of a movie or when I read the synopsis of a novel that when I watch or read it I know this thing would be great. I can't explain the feeling you know maybe it's called intuition or another sharpness that's in me =P

Back to the movie...

This movie has pretty great story, with beautiful scenes to die for and not to mention amazing actresses and actors too!

So, this movie is about seven close friends reunite for the wedding of two of their friends, problem arise because the bride and the maid of honor have had a long rivalry over the groom (IMDb)

Maybe you think it's a little bit cheesy or cliche but this movie definitely made me happy and smile after I finished watching it =)

I took a bit time to google where the movie shoot took place and the result says it's in Southold New York. Whoaaa... I'm really2 falling in love with those view! That's my favorite things from the movie

If you asked me who's my favorite character there, I'd say Tripler who is played by Malin Akerman. What I love about Tripler is, she is very laid back and fun! Hahaha

Obviously, they all play each of their character amazingly

I'm just a bit disappointed to the ending, it's like hanging ( I was like it's that it?!) and I'm hoping for the sequel hehe

After all, this movie is worth to watch!

Enough said about the movie I guess... Now I'm gonna spill out about what I've been up to
Well, I've been busy doing my research for my bachelor thesis. Actually everything is hanging on a thread like again for me and some of my friends

What's even worse is my condition is not so good lately, my ulcer, dizziness and nausea all together starts to kill me slowly hand in hand
But no worries I'm still me! =)

Anyway, I need to stop here because my Gossip Girl streaming is finished!
So, pray for me guys for everything is gonna be fine and under control

See you all in my upcoming posts!

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