Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Week

Hi ya guys, I'm back using my blog at blogger!
As I promise I'm gonna update my blog asap, so I guess this is kinda my welcome back post
I'm gonna share to you all about this week, highlight of the week actually
Let's hit it!

First of all, it's been over a month I haven't updated my blog is no other because I have been working on my thesis
Last Friday, I collected the thesis to the faculty staff and took care all the rest of it, like forms and the tuition fees
Now, I'm have more free time but actually deep inside I'm freaking out about the trial which supposed to happen in few weeks ahead
Even though the faculty still hasn't decided when the date is but hey who doesn't get nervous at time like this? Sometimes waiting makes you do.
You know, it's like there's an invisible figure whispering and making sound in your ears that makes you doubt whether you can do it or not, whether you can answer those questions and graduate smoothly or not every time I think about it
Scary huh?
Besides, you know, those examiner always success to find a question gap that sometimes never ever come across your mind and then it brings you down. That's what scary me the most...
I know I've to keep my faith, that's why I keep praying and I guess I need to start studying the material about what the question would like to be

Here's the cover of my thesis:

Move to the second highlight of the week

Today, I watched Flying Trapeze from Las Vegas, USA at Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) 2
And that succeed to AWE me! It was my first time to watch such a circus performance live
It's such a great experience for me to watch them!
I can't help my jaw from dropping and screaming whoaaaa! Hahaha

For you who don't know, here's a bit about them:
They've been performing at PIM 2 since 28 June - 10 July 2011
Monday - Friday at 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 4 pm and 7 pm
So, yeah today is their last day here
Too bad for you guys who can't be their witnesses
Not to mention, the performance is free a.k.a no charge needed!

Here some photos that I took:

The stage where they jump around from one trapeze to another
You can see the crowded across, I think PIM use it as those many ways to attract guess to come to the mall and yeah it did it!

One of the performers named Laura, she's pretty and sexy!

Another performer named Arthuro, muscle man and quite handsome tho

Actually, there are 2 other performers that I didn't got a chance to take the pic
The leader named Louis, he's the man who has short cut hair and Papito, the funny "clown" who's wearing wig, purple pants and vest
You can see it on video that I recorded here:
I only recorded it for the first 5 minutes because I won't miss such great performance by looking through my digital camera. I want to see it LIVE with my own eyes!
Oh, anyway sorry for the low quality. I need to reduce the video size so it didn't take so long to upload it

4 of them are like boneless, very flexible like rubber or jelly, jumping around here and there, catching each other arms without any doubt or any mistake, very smooth!
And psssttt... I know one of the secrets to be an expert flying trapeze performer just like them: big butt! It's so much needed for sitting on the trapeze bar without losing balance

So, I'm really2 looking forward to watch this again! Maybe some other time, so dear Malls in Jakarta, please hear me! Please indulge us your loyal guess by organizing such performance! :P

Well, hope you guys enjoy my welcome back post here!
I guess I need to sign off and back with more interesting post to update my blog
So, stay tune! :)

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