Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love For Dress

Tonight, I just wanna make a quick nice post
As you guys know, girls love dressing up so much! Of course including me!
So, this time I'm gonna blog about dress

A dress that captivated me in so many ways

Honestly, I've never been this attracted to a dress
You guys already curious about the dress, here it is:

Yes, you see it right!
The dress that attracts me so much is this one!
Emma Watson wore it on Harry Potter Half Blood Prince premiere in Leicester Square, London on 2009
This beautiful amazing gown is one of Ossie Clark's masterpiece

I don't know why I fall in love at the time I see it and not that time only but every time I see the dress
Call me weird or anything but the attractiveness that I got is something that I can't explain in words

You see what I'm saying right? I'm sure everyone of you ever feel such feeling too

There's something like attracts me into it so deep
It's simple yet sophisticated gown, it's so ME
Haha maybe I'm too confidence but I know I'm longing to have a gown like this

It's vintage but it didn't make Emma Watson look like a woman twice her age
I'm salute by the way she dress either in daily life and on red carpet like this
You think is it because a good stylist or she do has a good style?

Well, back to the dress: I can say it's like MAGIC
I'm hypnotized hahaha...

Oh and anyway this dress was titled as best dress of the week by Red Carpet Fashion Awards

By the way, it's already midnight here and I get to wake up early in the morning tomorrow
I need to stop complimenting and imagining about the dress or I'll drool too much

Stay tune for more upcoming post guys!
I give you a clue: it's still gonna be about dress :)

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