Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Fine Saturday

Last Saturday, my friend, Juan, treated me and my fellow class mates lunch at Sushi Groove, Taman Anggrek (TA) Mall to celebrated his belated birthday
I came late because I was enjoying The Bachelor 14 too much and got carried away until I forgot the time hahaha but seriously I'm really sorry guys :(
But there were 2 of my friends who came more late than me because of heavy nerve-racking traffic! Oh, you know Jakarta phew...

Anyway, the day started with us having lunch at Sushi Groove and then we took a walk to here and there until we decided to move on to Central Park (CP), so we had to go outside TA to pedestrian walk which were crowded with vehicles and office people, pretty scary but as long as we're together we'll be fine hehe
It was my first time went to CP by walking together with my friends and it took us like less than 5 minutes I guess

And then at CP we stopped by at Shihlin to fill our stomach again with its mouth-watering snacks and then went to Hoshi to buy some delicious buns and last direction is no other than Sour Sally to have yoghurt as dessert, yummy! My friends bought these big lunch box sized yoghurt, too bad no photos but you know it is BIG haha :9

So, here are some photos that mostly my friend, Eric took. I give him all the credit, many thank you to you ric! And oh credit to Juan too, thank you so much for the Sushi treat!

Hope you enjoy these pictures as well as I do hehe

the napkin

Reading the menu with style, ha!, hmmm...

Ready for the next menu to come!

Chuka idako or seasoned baby octopus in general language, my favorite sushi ever!

Me, the birthday boy and Yunita

Us starring at ice skating ring with our eyes wide eye opened and thinking wish I could spin on the ice like those people down there O.O haha, nah, I'm just kidding, we were just killing time actually

Aaron and me, relax guys we're just friends, no negative thought or being suspicious please because we're too comfy to be just friends, love to talk about-tv series-movies-doing silly-friends actually :P

Febi, Eric and me at Sour Sally

Me and Saputra eating the BIG sized yoghurt while Eric... I don't know what was he doing at that time, maybe just looking around

Well, that's the last picture, means that I need to end this post
I can say that last Saturday is a very nice day because I went through it with my most of class mates, we really had fun and I hope it's not the last time we gather around together and another thing is I have more new photos now haha!
So, until next time guys! :D

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