Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soul & Faith

As you guys know, one of my hobbies is watching movies
And to spend money from buying DVDs, I directly download them from internet, yes piracy (I know, you guys do it too)
Hey, what's the point of internet connection if you don't use it maximally, right? Besides I don't want those DVD disc to pile up in my drawer, which is already, so I kinda want to minimize it

Anyway, from all of those movies that I download, I wanna share you two of my currently favorite
Here they are:

Soul Surfer (2011)
Here's the synopsis and trailer, if you want to take a peek about it first

Faith Like Potatoes (2006)
Click here for synopsis and trailer

Yes, those two are Christian movies based on true story
I might sound too religious or whatever I don't care, but believe me there's nothing wrong of watching these type of films
Movies like these have always been my all time favorite, they're truly INSPIRING
I'm TOUCHED, I'm BLESSED, I LEARNED great lessons from them
And they never FAIL me for sure

You guys have to watch them first and experience the feeling that I could feel
These are movies that make you HAPPY somehow

So, yeah I'm currently searching for another Christian movies
I found a website that is a Christian version of rotten tomatoes, it's Christian Cinema
Maybe it can help you sort things out or do you have any idea outside of it, either way is acceptable

Well, I have to go off now before I'm running out of compliment
See ya on my upcoming posts! :)

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