Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fashion Picked #1: Amber Heard

I'm so glad that I can access my blogspot again! Sorry, I've been absent over a month, well don't blame me but I suggest you to blame Google. I don't know why but it can't be accessed so does my blog since it's related. Thanks to my "rebound" blog on Wordpress so I can keep my blogging hobby right on the track!

Anyway, just forget it and let's go to the main topic. I decided to do "fashion picked" start from today. Basically it will be about a person who in my humble opinion do has a stunning sense of fashion, mostly it will be about Hollywood celebrities (well, what else?!) but most of all the person must be someone that I like or adore. And I will post it like once or maybe twice a week, I promise it will be a routine. For some of you might think it is a way to distract myself from not knowing what to post alias when my mind goes blank when it comes to blogging. Yeah, I admit it but hey there's nothing wrong with it right? It can be an inspiration for us all, instead.

So, for my #1 fashion picked, I chose Amber Heard. I don't know since when I started to notice about her. You know, I've never been a huge fan of her movies but she steals my attention in the way she dress on the red carpet. I guess, with up do hair, simple long dress, nude make up and one hand on wrist pose as her signature look will amaze you too. Here below are some images of her from various red carpet she attended:

The first time I put eyes on her is when she was attending ESPY Award wearing Vivienne Westwood

She rocks red bright lipstick either!

In casual style, still a pretty isn't she?

How is it folks? Isn't it amazing how this Texas beauty keeps to wow you in red carpet? Do you agree with me after seeing those pictures above? I know you do!
Well, it's already midnight. I guess I've to sign off from this blogging world!
See ya in my upcoming posts! :)
Courtesy: Just Jared

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