Friday, May 18, 2012

Color Fondness

Hey guys, I'm back and this time fulfill the promise that I won't be long gone haha... In this post, I'd like to share you my favorite colors. Which is inspired by my friend's blog Stephanie's Notebook. She's a great one tho. She has been blogging for only a month and she got 100 followers already, I mean, who isn't inspired by that? Kudos to her. Go check her blog! :)

Anyway, back to the topic. I've been always unstable when someone asks about what's my favorite color. I can't choose because IMO it depends on the things. It's kinda impossible that a thing suits every color available. But, as for now (as I've grown up) I have my own favorite colors. Well, at least for now, I can tell I'm sure about them haha... 

There you go in particular order:

#1 Nude
What do I like the most about this color is the vintage feeling about it, it's soft, calm and luxurious at the same time 

#2 Orangey-pink
I don't know what the name of this color in fashion world, so I just like to call it that way haha... I love this because it's bright, cute and girl but not too girly at the same time 

#3 Turquoise
Last but not least, is this one above! It's a bit masculine and sporty but this blue-greenish color is super cool for girls also

I guess, those 3 colors have similarity which is all of them are combination of 2 colors. Nude (pink & white), Orangey-pink (obviously orange & pink) and Turquoise (blue & green). I know that none of them are easily to be matched with other colors but I still love them however. As a proof for that, I have mini dress in Nude,  gown and tops in Orangey-pink, Kebaya (traditional dress from Indonesia) and sandals in Turquoise. Too bad, I don't have photos of them. 

Oh, and one more reason why I love them is because I've been deeply interested in bright colors ever since I don't know when. I know it sounds childish, even one my high school friends opened my cupboard and said "you have a childish collection of clothes"  haha. Even worse, I always have a hard time to find dark clothes to go to a funeral. That's a funny fact. But, believe it or not my skin color best suits with bright ones. That's another fact too...

If I have to choose between those three, I still can't decide it. In the end, I'm still labile am I? Hahaha...

How about you? I'm sure you have your own favorite colors too and story behind it. Feel free to share by leaving some comments below

I think that's all for today see you all on my upcoming posts! 
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  1. Oh my God.. thank you Sab (:
    This is a great post!
    Your fashion style is amazing, moreover, those three colors are awesome and I love them! Nude is simple and elegant. Orangey-pink is super cute and very fresh. While the turquoise one is unique and classy.
    Keep posting dear!!



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