Saturday, May 26, 2012

Comedy Romantic Outfit

Hi guys, just like what I tweeted this evening I spent my whole afternoon polyvore-ing and I also promise you that I'll post the results tonight. I'm here to do what I said hehe... 

I don't think I've ever explained you about Polyvore before on my blog, so first of all I'm gonna spill a bit about it. For fashion freak, you better skip it haha... 

Polyvore is a fashion-social commerce website that allows users to assemble sets of clothing from the website's database items (source: Wikipedia). Not just from the website database itself but there's a clip that you can put on your toolbar to grab any fashion related things from any other websites and it's automatically added to your items. Isn't it great? :)

Well, I've been doing polyvore-ing since I don't know I kinda forget that, sorry. Maybe, some of you wondering why do I name my account Comedy Romantic? It's simply because I love that movies genre, usually they make you feel  what people says "butterfly in my stomach"

 This time, actually this afternoon, suddenly I got inspired and make these three sets that tell you about my three different outfits to three different places also. But remember, they're just illustration to what I have, not real ones. Here you go:

Laid Back

Laid Back by wijayasabrina featuring rock jewelry

This one above is my outfit to go to a nearby places like watching at cinemas with my brothers, saloon and grocery shopping with my mom. I like to wear shorts because it has laid back impression and it makes me feel sexy at the same time

Week End

Just like its title said, I wear this outfit to go to Church on Sunday with my family. This actually is my signature style, I guess. Blouse, jeans, pumps, watch, hand bag and some accessories. I like to call it, casual. There's no need to dress up too much to unite with your God, decent what does matters and important

Party Time

Party Time by wijayasabrina featuring black sandals

Last but not least, maybe some of you already can guess it. Yup, I wear this one to a party or more frequently to a Wedding reception. Just a dress, high heels, clutch and some make up on my face. I don't like tube dress, to be honest I'm scared such kind of dress would sag down from my petite body. It would be definitely a super silly accident. I better avoid that least with strap around makes me feel safer

So, I guess that's all I wanted to post this time. You guys, especially fashionably self admitted girls should try playing Polyvore. I bet you will get addicted in no time! Go make one asap! Don't forget to follow or like or comment my Polyvore also. Thanks!

See you in my upcoming posts! Which is soon *wink!

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