Monday, May 7, 2012

Putting On Make Up

Phew... once again I had to say, just like on my previous post, it's been over a month since the last I updated this blog. I know there's no excuse but I simply had no idea what I should write, sorry. Just forget it anyway and let's start this new one, like now. 

Oh, before I start I got to say that I think this one is gonna be a beauty post. I won't say it's the first or the last time on my blog tho. So, there you go! 

I went to Wedding Reception last night along with my mom, my auntie and my cousin. It was my mom's friend's son's marriage which also happens my friend's cousin (what a small world, huh?). Happy marriage to the couple! Hope you both live happily ever after... 

I know it sounds very flat but what makes it special is my very first time to do makeup on my own, no helping hand at all. I don't know what was I thinking until I got the courage to paint my face with my own hands and feeling. Don't you think I'm courage or instead stupid enough to do it for going to a wed reception which pretty much all guests were your neighbors? Haha maybe my womanly intuition suddenly emerges from nowhere. It could be a disaster but Thank God, I done it successfully. Well, at least not bad for a newbie. In fact, almost all of single men at that ballroom were caught starring at me *narcissism mode on* :P

Here I am wanna share some photos of last night:

Full-length body photo
My home, 2012
Sorry for the blur photo, I took it with my Gemini. This one is taken after I got home from the Wed Reception and took off my high heels immediately. Can't stand it for too long! By the way, I just love this dress, it has a model like some Greece Goddess haha! Bought it at Mangga Dua (shopping heaven!) with very affordable price! *grin*

Close Up #1
My Home, 2012
I had my hair done at beauty saloon near my house. You see that little braid across my hair? I got the inspiration from Jessica Alba. I know my bangs which made it looks different. It's my first time to have hair style (a braid updo) like this and I like it! I love to experiment with my hair to go to a formal event by browsing it on the internet :)

Close Up #2
My Home, 2012
I just realized my makeup in here is barely visible. Maybe because I took the photo after I arrived home. But hopefully you can see any difference with my daily face haha... 

My Dressing Table, 2012

Above you can see, what did I put as make up. Here I name it to you in random order (the number doesn't define which one I put on my face first):
1. OLEARY Foundation
2. OLEARY Under Make Up
3. OLEARY Compact Powder
4. erhalogy ESME, true matte for oily skin
5. VOV Auto Eye Liner Pencil, black color
6. niche Eye Liner Pencil, black color
7. REVLON Growluscious, black color
8. Jolly Fake Eyelashes
9. Oh, I missed the blush on. It's at my mom's room. Promise, I'll mention it to you next time!
10. Not only blush on but I also forgot to take a picture of the lipstick I used. It's from Maybelline tho. 

I don' know if the order is right or wrong, but here's the arrangement from the first until last: 2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 5, 8, 7, 9, and 10. Hopefully I made it right! Soon I'll complete my makeup gears with concealer and eye shadow base. I guess those two are important and of course I need em! 

So, what do you guys think with all of these? Come on send me back your suggestion, critics, advice or anything! One thing for sure, I enjoyed what I did. Yes! I started to like putting on my make up!

See you on my upcoming posts! *hopefully soon*
I'm off now, newest eps of Games of Throne is waiting! :D


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  1. Wow, cantik Sab!
    Rambut ala Jessica Alba -nya jg bagus (:
    And love your white dress!



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