Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Not a Belieber, But...

At first, I am kinda embarrassed to post this thing on my blog. Embarrassed to be seen too childish or to be seen like a hysterical super girly teenage girl who says "awww... adorable... cuteee..." and cries a lot. Don't get me wrong but I'm not like that but if at the end of the post, one/some of you will consider me as one, then it's fine. I don't live based on people's expectations tho. 

First of all, I wanna explain to you about my fondness to public figures. Believe me or not, never in my life I'm freak about this or that singer/actor/actress/any famous people because of his/her faces. If I do like them, it must be because his/her attainments such as music or movie. Therefore, I never being hysterical over someone. I do admit that I like and says some of them are cute, adorable, cool, etc. but it's normal right? Not more than that. Maybe, I'm just a kind of person who is simply hesitant haha... Hope you get what I'm saying...

So, do you see the word Bieber on its title? I see you're nodding haha... Well, here's the thing with me and Justin Bieber (I sounded like I'm gonna clarify something, as if I was Mariah Yeater! :P) what did I say on paragraph above applies to him either. But, keep reading this to see if my fondness to him changes or not as this post is continuing. On last Friday, I watched his debut movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011) on HBO. Basically, this movie shows us some footage of his 2010 concert tour on Madison Square Garden. It starts from the 10th day until the day. 

Justin Bieber; Never Say Never (2011)

You know what, I LOVE this movie! It's kinda hard to describe what I love about it but definitely it was a fun and inspiring movie! But, four things that I love the most from this movie are:

  1. He never gives up on his dream that's why he worked so hard to make it real. Proof : he did street perform in front of Avon Square by singing and playing his guitar at the age of 12. He said that "no matter how hard he had to work, he's so sure that he could sell out ticket on MSG
  2. He's so brave and confidence. Proof : he directly ran to Usher when he got out from Scooter's car and saw Usher for the first time, told him that he was a biggest fan and asking if he could sing his song even though he was rejected in the end
  3. How big the working team behind him, that shapes Bieber like now. I mean in just one and a half year, he turns from zero to teenagers megastar, like BOOM! 
  4. His willingness to sacrifice his teenage time, which is a LOT I guess. He was just a small town boy who was supposed to live a normal life: go to school, play basketball, dating with girls and so on. But he chose to be different, to be like who he is now.

He's so phenomenon and sensational! Whoa!
Not to mention, IMO he's kinda cute with the bangs cover almost a quarter of his face hahaha... Honestly, I like his hair style now than the one when he first appeared on TV. Go google it if you never have seen it before! Phew... I guess I got carried away, sorry for that :P
These three movie scenes are the ones which I like the most:

One Less Lonely Girl
That girl was so lucky! She was randomly picked from the crowd to sit on the stage while Bieber singing One Less Lonely Girl to her and caressing her as if she was his girlfriend. It was kinda of Bieber and the crew's tradition. The rose bouquet was just a bonus. Awww...

Avon Square
This scene is the one who touched me the most. There was a girl did street perform by playing her violin in front of Avon Square, just like what Bieber did when he was at her age. Then Bieber said to her, "I used to sit right here and I used to play too. So keep playing and always follow your dreams." I was like gosh, I tried to put myself in Bieber's point of view, how the memories suddenly rushing back and a girl now following his steps... suddenly tears were dripping down my face

And another movie scene was the one when Bieber had to skip one concert because his vocal cord was fatigue and swollen. He was just 16 and he won't shut up, his vocal coach said. Poor him, he had to disappoint his enormous fans but it was for his own good. Skipped one now and got rest or continued it, break his vocal cord and skipped seven concerts at once. The condition was just like that and he finally obeyed the crew, good thing! *sorry I can't find the picture of the scene

 So, am I one of a Beliebers by writing all of these down? You decide! One thing for sure I want have this movie, either I download it or buy the DVD hehe... More over, I just downloaded his first album, My World 2.0 right after I watched the movie. So last year, am I? :P I do have some of his songs before that tho...

That's all for today's post. Seems like it a very long one! Sorry, I was too excited to tell it to all of you :P Hopefully it doesn't too wordy to be read. Until my next posts then! Here I'm gonna sum up this post with a quote from Bieber, the famous one:

"There's gonna be times in your life when people say that you can't do something and there's gonna be times in your life when people say that you can't live your dreams and there's gonna be times in your life when people say that you can't sell out Madison Square! This is what I tell them : NEVER SAY NEVER!"

A very good quote, isn't it?! Click Justin Bieber Quotes that are collected in a website, take a visit if you want more :)

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