Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me Gusta

I Like

I Like by wijayasabrina on polyvore.com

You guys must be wondering what is this all about? Stop your curiosity because I'm gonna tell you right away in this post. Keep reading!

Well, I was kinda inspired to make a collage of things that I like using Polyvore. Actually, not merely what I like but all of them have become my favorite and signature, I guess. So, here it is as you can see above!

Me Gusta : I Like (Spanish) by Google Translate

Some of you probably have heard those sentence on 9gag a lot! So, I think it'd be catchy to put it as a title. Now, let me break it down one by one to you in clockwise:

Crown: since Sabrina means "princess", I feel like crown is should be a part of me because almost all princess wear or at least own one (silly, huh?). It's a sign of power, elegant and pretentious. 

Star: they're myriad and they light up the world at night, that's what I wanna be in my life for others. You know what, I'd love to stargaze whenever I have a chance.

Bee: they're such amazing animal! Very useful for environment, they produce honey which is good for human, beautiful shape and color but don't mess around with them. My phrase for them "cute but deadly". I'm proud to have a nickname like one!

Wings: in my mind everything has wings is perennial and pure such as fairy, phoenix and any other magical creature. I've been dreaming to tattoo my back with it like the one Nicole Richie's (which are so not going to happen, ever). I found it cool!

Butterfly: beautiful, colorful and I think almost all of the people in the world love this animal. They're a lot like us (read: girl/woman) beautiful but fragile. So, boys please handle us with care! :P

Candle: once you lit, it can light up the whole room. Same like stars, I wanna be a good impact like a candle to others. Like what Bible says either "you are the light of the world. A city set on hill cannot be hidden." - Matthew 5:14. Sorry, if I'm being too religious... 

Cupcakes: their cute shapes, colors and decorations always interest me ever since they're becoming trend in culinary world. It's always nice to see them, so cheerful! But believe me or not, I've never tasted one haha...

Books: this is definitely my number one hobby! I've never being too far away from books since I was a kid, my favorite one to read is novel. I have a lot of them piling and covering up my study desk!

Roses: I love flowers but I love this one the most. They effortlessly have vintage, lavish accent and as you guys know, they're symbol of love.  

British: I'm crazed about every British-related things, you name it! Especially their man, accent and Royal culture! I've been dreaming (a lot) to get my Master, marry a HOT British man, successfully learned the sexy accent and stay there as long as possible haha...

Vintage: last but not least, I love roses and adore British. What word to sum it up goodly? Yup, it's vintage! I just like everything that has vintage touch, especially when it comes to fashion. It's been said "take a bad photo, add a vintage look and write something in Helvetica" then walaaa... that photo would never be the same again!

I've explained it all to you guys, so I'm pretty sure I need to end this post right here. It's already midnight, gotta sleep asap. Hopefully you enjoy my post and maybe... get inspired to write one.
See you in my upcoming posts!

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  1. ¡MeGusta! Vintage! Go get your master's degree in London and marry a HOT British man, haha.. Besos!


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