Friday, June 15, 2012

Wikipedia In Fashion

Back with me again, guys! Well, I supposed to post this thing yesterday but I've got to accompany my mom to run errands. It doesn't hurt to wait for a day, right? :p

Wikifashion Front Page
Today I'm gonna share you about Wikifashion. Let me tell you how it begins... Yesterday, a blogger gave My First Award post a nice comment, be my follower and asked me to follow hers too. She is Avia Dinda the owner of For Latte Scrapbook, so I visited her blog and become her follower either. Suddenly, I stumbled on Wikifashion on her blog gadget, I clicked and then I found out that it something like Wikipedia who has specialty in fashion. 

The fun thing about it: Wikifashion also allows you to contribute and write your own article, of course it has to be fashion-related. All you got to do is click become a contributor button on the left side. You'll learn all from there. So, I decided to write mine. Mine means my profile article and my blog article too. It's kinda hard at first, since I'm not familiar in contributing article on such as website. But, finally I'm successfully managed into it and here how it looks:

My Profile Article

My Blog Article

Actually, it never comes in my mind to input my profile and my blog into somewhat-called Wikifashion. You know, Wikipedia is like a king of all definition sources right? Everybody will end up there in searching for something. Now, me and my blog are there, not literally on Wikipedia but the concept is the same. Although Wikifashion is still improving and in need of a lot contributors to fix here and there but I'm still proud to be able to see my name and my blog under category: blogs of Indonesia. Yay-ness!

As you can notice, I already put Wikifashion widget on my left gadget either! :)

Can you see that? I circled it but too bad it's blur :(

Besides contribute in writing fashion-related article, you can also contribute to fix or add those articles which have had been there. Pretty much the same with the famous Wikipedia. I think you guys know the drill right?. Go ahead fix or add something to mine, just search for it on search box!

So, are you eager to contribute or write for your own too? All you got to do is simply create an account! I'm sure you'll be as happy as I am when you see your blog name is a part of it. Come on, off you go! I'll see you there!

Please forgive the vagueness of those pictures. Due to unavailable of Adobe Photoshop on my oldest brother's PC, I've to use the online version instead. It's practical but too bad the quality is just kinda bad. 
Anyway, that's all for today's post
I'll see you all on my upcoming updates!


  1. Oh wow cool, I went to Wikifashion two months ago, tapi kenapa gak kepikiran yaa taroh blog disana. Boleh dicoba tuh inspirasinya.
    Thank you for your information dear (:


  2. Hahaha... one doesn't simply think about it :p. your welcome dear :)


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